About Us
Business profile

Intrapharm Laboratories was founded in 1999, aiming not only to become an essential pharmaceutical supplier to the NHS and international markets, but also to ensure the ongoing supply of niche pharmaceutical medicines with a proven therapeutic value.

Based in the United Kingdom, the management team at Intrapharm Laboratories draw upon many years of experience in the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products, providing expertise to the healthcare industry while forming forward thinking, successful partnerships to offer a flexible and reliable service to both international and UK markets.

The year on year growth of Intrapharm Laboratories' product portfolio demonstrates a commitment to continued investment in both niche and branded pharmaceuticals supplemented by a full team of professionals who can take products from registration to patient thereby fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

The registered office of Intrapharm Laboratories Ltd is at The Granary, The Courtyard Barns, Choke Lane, Cookham Dean, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 6PT.

Intrapharm is part of the Riemser Group of Companies